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Ways to Avoid Buying Fake Vintage Christian Dior

Whether it is the Princess line of 1951, the cannage stitched leather bags, the crinoline skirts or the green round eyeglasses, Christian Dior have never failed to take the fashion industry by storm. However, this has never stopped fake and phoney manufacturers from bringing imitation products in the market that look so much similar to the original designs that you can have a hard time shopping. Here are a few tips that will prevent you from buying fake clothing and accessories from the fashion label. Follow these guidelines to ensure that you find the best of the vintage treasures:

Eyewear: Christian Dior sunglasses do not come with a model number. If the one you are buying mentions a model number be aware that you are buying a fake one. Rather, Dior glasses come with a model name. The case will be silver in color with “Dior” written over it. Some vintage products also come with black Christian Dior written on the boxes or silver colored pouches with the brand name written in black.

Jewelry: Any jewelry item that uses silver and claims to be a Christian Dior product is not authentic. Christian Dior costume jewelry is never made up of silver, so if you are buying something that says 925 or sterling silver then you are not buying a genuine item.

Footwear: Christian Dior shoes can never cost you anything less than 160. Be careful of cheap shoes that claim to be Dior. They will be made up of leather and no man made material with large “Dior” written insoles in a silver color. Other things that you can find inscribed on the soles are “Made in Italy”, a silver code and the size mentioned in European. Another thing to take care of is that all the markings on the sole will be embossed and not printed. Dior shoes come in a white box with “Dior” written in grey over them.

Purses: You can easily be conned when buying a Dior handbag if you are not familiar with what to look for. Lookalikes and very close replicas are available in the market that can easily convince you that you are buying an authentic product. The best thing you can do to avoid getting fooled is match the product with what you see on the official website of the fashion brand. Check for imitation leather and make sure the bag has a Dior or CD written just at the right place.