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Reaching out to Those in Need

There are people in need throughout the country who depend on the kindness of strangers. It’s not easy for anyone to admit that they might be struggling in life but there are moments where you have to reach out for help. This charity gala is exactly the kind of thing that people need. Teaching others how important it is to come to the realization that there are people in need all around us is the most the important skill that any one person can possess but unfortunately it’s something that most of us are lacking. It’s not bcause we are inherently bad people.

No, it’s because we are vulnerable to falling into the familiar ruts of life that can leave us blind to those that we do not regularly associate with. We don’t always turn away from someone in desperate need spitefully but rather we have difficulty coming to understand them and their situation because it is so unlike our own frame of reference. Emotional intelligence is quickly becoming an important quality that we can learn. How can we teach it? How can we learn from that teaching? Introspection is not something that most of us do willingly or naturally. It’s easier to ignore those things that make us uncomfortable.

It’s no doubt a survival mechanism which prevents us from easily establishing an emotional and empathic connection with complete connection with strangers. Once we learn to not trust strangers, even if they appear to be people who are in need, we struggle against a life time of psychological barriers. We hear stories of people being taken advantage of by con artists, of the dangers of mental health disorders amongst the homeless and we find it easier to be diverted from helping others by that fear. It’s never a simple thing to reach and connect.