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Skinny Jeans and Look Really Stylish

Whether you’re a fan or skinny jeans or not, they have been in style for over a decade now, and are still going strong. They are versatile, chic, and best of all, surprisingly comfy once worn. With women and men relying on this denim style indefinitely, we thought to come up with year-round outfit ideas.

The first rule to wearing skinny jeans is to avoid wearing baggy, shapeless tops; regardless of your body type and height. Choose reasonably-fitted tops, jackets, blazers, and sweaters, and you’ll be golden. In order to find the right pair for you, search for a brand that provides skinny jeans in good quality fabric with lots of stretch. Keep thin denim at bay; go with dark washes if you’re concerned about not making the jeans too attention-worthy.

Summer Outfits
During the warm, sunny months, give your skinny jeans a fresh look with complementing t-shirts and tops. But, wait! That’s not all. There are many brands that provide distressed and colored skinny jeans to make things much more interesting.

Winter Outfits
From sexy boots to structured blazers, put your skinny jeans to work with these amazing outfit ideas. So, the next time you walk out the door, don’t forget to layer your skinny jeans with shirts, jackets, blazers, scarves, and sweaters.
With a Jacket or Sweater

With Sexy Boots

Skinny jeans? For men? Is that even an ideal concept? Yes, it totally is! But since we’re talking about outfit options for men, the fit has to be just right. For those with well-maintained bodies, a pair of spray-on jeans can be extremely tricky, but fun. And as these jeans draw attention to imperfections easily, the only fact that’ll make an outfit work is your confidence. As for a standard style (majority of which are shown below), you can be sure to find a wide range of clothing items and accessories that go perfectly with your jeans. However, whichever style you choose, remember that your outfits have to have a specific balance.

Summer Outfits
With cool tees and relaxed shirts, it’s like skinny jeans were made for hot days. Keep the time of the day and occasion in mind when you select an outfit.

Winter Outfits
As the cold weather rolls in, you don’t necessarily have to leave your skinny jeans at the back of the closet. The key concept is layering, and we’ve got some interesting styles for you to choose from.

Stylish Accessories

If you already own a pair (or two) of skinny jeans, you’re quite aware of their versatility and comfort. Give these outfit ideas a shot, and don’t get intimidated to experiment with your ensemble.

Ways to Fade Jeans at Home

Easy way out
While they are relatively more expensive than other techniques, chemical fade dye products are an easy way to get the faded look for your jeans.
Just as wines mature and turn more luscious with age, your jeans, when allowed to age gracefully, become an appealing vintage-style adornment for your legs. They say eyes are a reflection of your self, and we say your worn-out, faded jeans are a reflection of your slovenly and careless self. But who cares? As long as it is in vogue and you witness even the most civil woman attempting to gain forceful possession of a pair of faded jeans from an equally unyielding (and possibly wounded) aficionado in a store, it’s really cool.

However, why buy milk when you have got cow for free? Meaning, instead of forking out more dollars to buy faded jeans, why not simply fade the ones you already own? Sounds good, eh? Learn how to fade your jeans at home, and be cool and edgy without burning a hole in your already-perforated pocket.

Few lemons will do it
Yeah, you heard it right. Lemon juice is one of the surefire ways of fading your jeans and yes, without the inorganic accompaniment of chemicals. Just dunk your jeans into a bucket of water and make sure it is completely soused; or simply use a water hose for it. Rinse it and wring it as if your life depended on it, and remove all the extra water. Put good dollops of concentrated lemon juice (enough to smother your jeans with) in a bucket and plunge your jeans in it. Just as your bad stomach won’t mend the moment you swallow a pill, likewise, your jeans won’t fade the moment you treat it with lemon juice. So, accept delay with equanimity, no matter how fitful you are feeling. Allow the lemon juice to soak your jeans for a few hours, but make sure to check on it from time to time for the desired ‘fade’ look. Once you get that perfect faded look, get your jeans out from the bucket and hang it on a clothesline. Hose down your jeans to stop excessive lemony magic, let it hang on the clothesline in the sun to expedite the fading process, and you will be rewarded.

Bleach ’em
Another proven and potent way of fading your jeans is tada! Bleaching! While bleaching will help you tamper with the original color of jeans and in a way deprive it of its vitality, it will also weaken your fabric. So, before going in for this fading technique, make sure you know the consequences of it (this sounds as if the Apocalypse is right around the corner). Moving on. For this technique, you can use a washing machine (you don’t have to switch it on, we’ll use it only as a container) or bathtub (a bathtub is preferable if you are looking for an even fading effect). Ah and yes, use gloves for health and safety. Drown your jeans in hot water and add half a cup of bleach in it. Don’t allow your jeans to slacken; try to keep them as flat as you can in the bathtub using a stick. Let your jeans soak till the time you get the required shade. Rinse it with cold water, hang it out to dry, and wash it with a fragrant detergent to get rid of the bleach smell as well as use a fabric softener to slacken it (well, now it can).

Spot bleaching
Those of you, who are looking for a sporadic or uneven fading effect, then spot bleaching is your thing. Wearing gloves is again mandatory. Lay your jeans flat on a table and again don’t allow your jeans to form crinkles. Take a sponge or cloth and dampen it in the bleach solution (don’t drench it, soak it enough for the sponge or cloth to hold it). Pat the sponge or cloth to moisten the areas that you want to lighten. After it dries, wash it in the washing machine, but make sure there are no other clothes in it or else they’ll get tie-dyed along with your jeans.

Use sandpaper or pumice stone
This technique is an area-specific one to lighten your jeans. Choose the areas that you want to fade―around your knee, seat, pocket area, etc. Use a sandpaper, preferably 180 grit or a pumice stone, and rub it on the areas that you want to lighten. Don’t scrape it vehemently or else there will be no fabric left to lighten it! Anyway, you are withering down the fabric in a bid to fade it, so abrading it forcefully will rip that part of your jeans (well, of course if you are looking for a distressing effect, then the resulting look you’ll love). After scraping the desired areas, wash the denim to remove the remainder dye, and you are done.

Why manhandle your jeans if you can wait a little longer?
Denim is a sturdy fabric that can brook up with all your chemical treatments and other kind of abuses, but if you have the patience to wait for a few days for your jeans to fade naturally, then there’s nothing like it. All you need to do is tarry wash your jeans as long as you and others can put up with the stink, ha ha. Finally, after you wash it in the machine, you’ll see a fade color of your jeans, with the good part being that the longevity of your jeans won’t be reduced as opposed to other fading techniques.

Now that you all know how to give your jeans a worn-out and faded effect, you can try them on your least loved, or let’s say, inexpensive jeans. Because, god forbid, if anything were to go awry, you will at least not get a panic attack. Good luck.

Ways to Shrink Your Jeans Fast

A fitted pair of jeans is one piece of clothing that is a must have for everybody, irrespective of age, sex and size! You want to look casual, pair the jeans with a smart t-shirt and sneakers. You want to look all dressed up for a party, wear the jeans with a sexy shimmering top (if you are a woman) along with a pair of silhouettes. Men can wear a formal, crisp white shirt and a pair of leather boots with a pair of jeans to a party. Looking at how versatile they can be, a pair of jeans is one fashion garment which should be chosen with a lot of care. However, sometimes, while choosing a pair of jeans, a person may buy one size larger. Or it may happen that someone loses weight and the jeans does not fit on the body as nicely as it used to! So, what should be done under such circumstances? Well, one of the ways is to shrink the jeans! Yes! You can easily do this at home by following the tips given below…

Tips on Shrinking Jeans

This is one of the simplest ways to shrink jeans. Start with washing the jeans in a washing machine which is set at “hot water” setting. After that, let the jeans hang in sunlight for half an hour so that the extra water comes out. Next, iron the jeans when it is still wet. Keep on ironing till the jeans becomes dry. The heat will definitely shrink the jeans. The same method can be used to shrink jean shorts. Here the key lies in ironing them when they are still wet!

Put the jeans in boiling water for a while. For this, take a large pot and fill it with water. Bring the water to boil and then put the jeans in it. Leave the jeans in the boiling water for about half an hour. Next, set the dryer on “high heat” setting and put the jeans in it.

Yup! You heard it right! Sometimes it may happen that the jeans fit nicely at the waist and the legs, but the bottom part is loose. Or, it may fit the bottom perfectly, but the legs are slightly ill-fitting. So, if you want the pair of jeans to exactly stretch according to your body shape, a good idea is to wear the jeans and sit in hot water bath for about ten minutes. After that, keep on wearing the jeans till they dry out naturally. This will fit the jeans absolutely in accordance with your body shape!

Although, you may have to follow this method a number of times, before the results actually start showing in, yet it is one of the most trusted ones to shrink jeans. Start with washing the jeans in a washing machine, which has been set at “hot water” setting. You may add two tablespoons of ammonia to the water to prevent the jeans from fading out. Next, set the dryer on “hot water” and let the jeans dry in high temperature. Repeat this process a few times over a week, till you find the jeans shrinking. The same method can be used for shrinking jeans jacket too.

For shrinking the length of your jeans, it is suggested that you hem or sew them according to the desired length rather than shrink them! In the end, whichever method you employ for shrinking the jeans to right fit, it would be good to know that as different jeans are made up of different materials, so how much and how fast they will shrink, cannot be really predicted. Nevertheless, try some or all the tips given here and see how they work on your jeans!

Tips to Look Beautiful with Ankle Length Leggings

Leggings are taking over the today’s generation with its versatility. Because of the flexibility that leggings provide to women to match their numerous varied apparels with leggings and the ability to present unique style statements, it is attracting the entire younger generation towards it. For a teenager, nothing is more trendy and comfortable as leggings which allow them to have all fun and excitement while remaining beautiful and tidy. The outstanding feature of leggings is that you will never get bored with it as there are several styling options that come out of a single pair of leggings.

Get a Beautiful Urban Look with a Pair of Leggings
Ankle length leggings is the new discovery in the leggings’ segment. It has arrived with an aim to present western styles and enable women of any size and shape to carry these fabulous western styles. Ankle length leggings are available in varied bright shades and these can be teamed up with all little black and red dresses. The young girls who want to put on their little dresses but without revealing their legs, they have got an awesome way with the ankle length leggings to carry a beautiful style without revealing skin.

Furthermore, the ankle length leggings go equally well with overcoats and boots in winters. This is the most astounding style that gives style and warmth to the wearer at the same time. Ankle length leggings can also be paired with loose and long tees. This is also one of the happening styles of today’s generation.

The Superior-Quality and Budget-Friendly Rates
The ankle length leggings are not only a fashion garment. But there are many other factors attached to it that make it more useful for women. Ankle length leggings are manufactured with high-quality textiles and are highly stretchable. This gives the absolute comfort to the wearer to get involved in all adventurous activities. Moreover, leggings are affordable too. Women from any economic stratum can afford a pair of ankle length leggings. There are several benefits one can achieve with a pair of ankle length leggings and that too without investing much.

The ankle length leggings portrays multiple ways to put it on and for multiple occasions. It can be worn in corporate events, while shopping, in a date and even while workouts. Get pairs of comfortable ankle length leggings and simplify your fashion statements. Get simple tricks to look beautiful with ankle length leggings.