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Ways to Alter Jeans Perfectly

download-28Body dimensions vary from one person to another and for most people, it is very difficult to find a perfect pair of jeans. Even if you find one, it may be sometimes too long for your height or a little loose at the waist. The same situation arises on losing weight. One fine morning, you may find that your clothes are getting baggy. The solution for your problem is alteration, which can be easily done in ordinary clothes. But, altering jeans is considered a difficult task and most people approach a tailor, for this purpose. If you have some time to spare and the right materials, then, you can alter the jeans on your own.

Basic Alteration of Jeans

As far as alteration of jeans is concerned, the thickness of the material is the main problem. Stitching such thick material may prove difficult, if you do not have the right materials and are unaware of the right method. All you need for jeans alteration is some heavy-duty threads, denim iron-on patches and scissors. Before altering jeans, you must make sure that the measurements are perfect. If the material is new and

Ways to Verify a Coach Handbag Authenticity

images-9I wrote an article on this a few years back but I wanted to give this followup article. There is always a question as to if a Coach Handbag is authentic or not. Distributors that make fake Coach Handbags are getting even better with there reproductions it is getting harder and harder these days to tell the difference.

That being said, I found a sure fire way to find out if a COACH handbag is authentic or not. Especially if your shopping for the handbag on eBay. Its really very simple. Coach has been recording the serial numbers of there bags for a while now, especially there newer bags. If you find a handbag that you have a question as to if it is authentic or not just take get the serial number and call Coach on there 1-800 line. You can get the number from Give that serial number to the customer service agent and he/she will tell you if the handbag is authentic or not. It is that simple. Don’t try to take the handbag to a store as the clerks are not equipped to answer such

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly

download-27Ape a Celeb
Want to be dressed like the original diva who gave boyfriend jeans their rightful place in fashionable wardrobes? Well, just look at Katie Holmes for inspiration. She started the trend way back in 2008 when she practically lived in these baggy denims. If her tomboyish style doesn’t do the trick for you, then Sienna Miller’s style will probably be a better fashion fit.

Once upon a time, in a land we probably recognize from everyday drudgery, lived a couple who were blissfully in love. Eric and Ariana had satisfying jobs, great friends, and best of all, separate wardrobes. It made for a wonderful life. Until that day when a pair of jeans became the proverbial spoke in the wheel. It drove Eric mad with anxiety, while Ariana continued living her life in blissful ignorance. This is the story of how Eric, our charming hero, overcame his monsters, and went back to living the life he was meant to.

Chapter 1: Is she wearing my jeans?
Day 1: Picnic with Friends

Hannah’s picnic. That’s where it all started. That fateful day in the park

Reaching out to Those in Need

There are people in need throughout the country who depend on the kindness of strangers. It’s not easy for anyone to admit that they might be struggling in life but there are moments where you have to reach out for help. This charity gala is exactly the kind of thing that people need. Teaching others how important it is to come to the realization that there are people in need all around us is the most the important skill that any one person can possess but unfortunately it’s something that most of us are lacking. It’s not bcause we are inherently bad people.

No, it’s because we are vulnerable to falling into the familiar ruts of life that can leave us blind to those that we do not regularly associate with.

How to Get Luxury Handbag Online

Buying a new handbag can sometimes be real challenge, and if you think that you have to do this at least one time each season, you realize that there is a lot of time and effort spent into tracking those perfect luxury handbags. First we have the numerous designers that each have their own style; choosing between names like Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and many more is always difficult. Then we have the many models from each brand that varies in shape, size, design and the smallest detail can make the difference when it comes to luxury handbags. Going to all these shops and comparing quality and prices can really take a lot of time and while women usually like shopping, there is a time when you just want to buy one and get it over with.

Here is where shopping online has the advantage over going from store to store. Online shops are much easier to access and also faster; you can browse through hundreds of handbags in a day and you can compare every aspect of them, especially the price. These are never cheap but when it comes

Tips Choosing A Right Kind Of Wholesale Handbag

One of the most imperative accessories that we all must have is handbags.They are quite versatile in the sense that no matter what kind of apparel you are wearing but a Wholesale Handbag can really change the way you look. In fact, if you pick the wrong one then the whole look can go wrong as well.Therefore, choosing a right kind of handbag wholesale is mandatory.There was a time when buying handbags required a lot of your time and energies, but now no more. With the advent of internet, buying wholesale handbags has become very easy. You can visit myriad websites, which sell handbags of diverse types. Moreover, with the sites like US Handbag Wholesale, which is a haven for handbag lovers, picking the right one is not difficult. Let us see, how choosing the right handbag can transmute you from a ‘plain Jane’ to a fashionista.

With bags – change the way you look:

For the people who are a little heavy on the top should avoid carrying a handbag, which is big. This makes their top-heavy edifice a bit bigger than it actually is. Similarly, there are people

Ways to Avoid Buying Fake Vintage Christian Dior

Whether it is the Princess line of 1951, the cannage stitched leather bags, the crinoline skirts or the green round eyeglasses, Christian Dior have never failed to take the fashion industry by storm. However, this has never stopped fake and phoney manufacturers from bringing imitation products in the market that look so much similar to the original designs that you can have a hard time shopping. Here are a few tips that will prevent you from buying fake clothing and accessories from the fashion label. Follow these guidelines to ensure that you find the best of the vintage treasures:

Eyewear: Christian Dior sunglasses do not come with a model number. If the one you are buying mentions a model number be aware that you are buying a fake one. Rather, Dior glasses come with a model name. The case will be silver in color with “Dior” written over it. Some vintage products also come with black Christian Dior written on the boxes or silver colored pouches with the brand name written in black.

Jewelry: Any jewelry item that uses silver and claims to be a Christian Dior product is not

Simple Ways to Cuff Your Jeans

I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.
– Yves Saint Laurent
Well, that’s so true Mr. Yves Saint Laurent! Jeans are the most practical and comfortable piece of clothing, and there is so much you can do with them. You can wear them out, trim them, fold them, stitch stuff on them, dye them, write on them, and they still look cool. In this Buzzle article, we will focus on various ways in which you can cuff your jeans.

There are many ways to do that, however, it is very important that you wear appropriate shoes and clothes when you cuff your jeans. So, let’s get started.

Normal-length Jeans

Before we start looking at the various ways you can cuff your jeans, here are pictures of normal-length jeans. It is not possible that you will always find a pair of jeans which is of perfect-length while shopping. Well, then what do you do? You get it altered. That can be tedious for lazy folks like me.

But, you

Finding Cheap Women Sandals

Women love buying sandals almost for every occasion. Only the right sandals can do justice to a flowing gown or a beautiful skirt or even the denim jeans. Be it a party or for the office, the sandals you wear might be a bit too conspicuous especially if they don’t go with the dress. This is what justifies having many pairs of sandals. There are many places where cheap sandals for women are available so you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a thong sandal or one with double straps made of leather. All kinds of models and varieties are available at discounts as high as 60% at various sites if you only have the patience to search.

Sites like Pozeonline offer a great chance to buy cheap sandals for women. A Franco Sarto Hondula Studded Leather sandal could be available at only $45 if you are lucky enough letting you save a whopping amount of around $40. A celebrity brand could also be yours if you have the patience to look through all the models available for discounts. A Carlos Santana synthetic strap or a Jessica Simpson casa

Skinny Jeans and Look Really Stylish

Whether you’re a fan or skinny jeans or not, they have been in style for over a decade now, and are still going strong. They are versatile, chic, and best of all, surprisingly comfy once worn. With women and men relying on this denim style indefinitely, we thought to come up with year-round outfit ideas.

The first rule to wearing skinny jeans is to avoid wearing baggy, shapeless tops; regardless of your body type and height. Choose reasonably-fitted tops, jackets, blazers, and sweaters, and you’ll be golden. In order to find the right pair for you, search for a brand that provides skinny jeans in good quality fabric with lots of stretch. Keep thin denim at bay; go with dark washes if you’re concerned about not making the jeans too attention-worthy.

Summer Outfits
During the warm, sunny months, give your skinny jeans a fresh look with complementing t-shirts and tops. But, wait! That’s not all. There are many brands that provide distressed and colored skinny jeans to make things much more interesting.

Winter Outfits
From sexy boots to structured blazers, put your skinny jeans to work with these amazing outfit ideas. So,

Ways to Fade Jeans at Home

Easy way out
While they are relatively more expensive than other techniques, chemical fade dye products are an easy way to get the faded look for your jeans.
Just as wines mature and turn more luscious with age, your jeans, when allowed to age gracefully, become an appealing vintage-style adornment for your legs. They say eyes are a reflection of your self, and we say your worn-out, faded jeans are a reflection of your slovenly and careless self. But who cares? As long as it is in vogue and you witness even the most civil woman attempting to gain forceful possession of a pair of faded jeans from an equally unyielding (and possibly wounded) aficionado in a store, it’s really cool.

However, why buy milk when you have got cow for free? Meaning, instead of forking out more dollars to buy faded jeans, why not simply fade the ones you already own? Sounds good, eh? Learn how to fade your jeans at home, and be cool and edgy without burning a hole in your already-perforated pocket.

Few lemons will do it
Yeah, you heard it right. Lemon juice is one of the surefire ways of fading your jeans

Ways to Shrink Your Jeans Fast

A fitted pair of jeans is one piece of clothing that is a must have for everybody, irrespective of age, sex and size! You want to look casual, pair the jeans with a smart t-shirt and sneakers. You want to look all dressed up for a party, wear the jeans with a sexy shimmering top (if you are a woman) along with a pair of silhouettes. Men can wear a formal, crisp white shirt and a pair of leather boots with a pair of jeans to a party. Looking at how versatile they can be, a pair of jeans is one fashion garment which should be chosen with a lot of care. However, sometimes, while choosing a pair of jeans, a person may buy one size larger. Or it may happen that someone loses weight and the jeans does not fit on the body as nicely as it used to! So, what should be done under such circumstances? Well, one of the ways is to shrink the jeans! Yes! You can easily do this at home by following the tips given below…

Tips on Shrinking Jeans

This is one of the simplest ways to shrink jeans. Start with

Tips to Look Beautiful with Ankle Length Leggings

Leggings are taking over the today’s generation with its versatility. Because of the flexibility that leggings provide to women to match their numerous varied apparels with leggings and the ability to present unique style statements, it is attracting the entire younger generation towards it. For a teenager, nothing is more trendy and comfortable as leggings which allow them to have all fun and excitement while remaining beautiful and tidy. The outstanding feature of leggings is that you will never get bored with it as there are several styling options that come out of a single pair of leggings.

Get a Beautiful Urban Look with a Pair of Leggings
Ankle length leggings is the new discovery in the leggings’ segment. It has arrived with an aim to present western styles and enable women of any size and shape to carry these fabulous western styles. Ankle length leggings are available in varied bright shades and these can be teamed up with all little black and red dresses. The young girls who want to put on their little dresses but without revealing their legs, they have got an awesome way with the ankle length leggings to carry a beautiful style without

Tips on Getting a Cheap Formal Gown

Finding a cheap formal dress doesn’t be considered a difficult task nor does obtaining inexpensive attire suggest that you won’t seem like a million bucks or be able to don the skirt of your dreams. By pursuing the steps you can reduce the costs on your clothing and take the cash you save, and set it towards the perfect pair of shoes, bags.

Here are some suggestions for you:

Visit your local Craigslist. Org website regularly. You will find that somebody is nearly always attempting to sell their clothing of last year and want to sell the formal gowns in the year before or that their children have outgrown for cheap.Visit another website eBay. Typically you can find absolute steals on good attires. There are many sellers that sell clothes for special events of new brand. Make sure when you research it that you include seller stores inside your query and also auctions and purchase it now.You can also visit popular stores for their cheap sales or unique discounts. If you go to a local shop at the right time, you will be surprised how many exquisite cheap formal garments can

Ways to Choose a Cheap Homecoming Dress

The tradition of homecoming dates back to the early 1900′s; the first celebration of homecoming was started by the University of Missouri in 1911. In effort to get more spectators to a rival football game, the university recruited their alumni to cheer on the team. Shortly thereafter, the university added in bonfires and parades to celebrate.

Modern homecoming activities now include a formal dance. High school girls choose dresses that make a statement. Additionally, many will get their hair professionally styled. The fashion trend for homecoming 2011 will be examined.

Homecoming 2011 Dresses

Traditionally, the homecoming court princesses and queens wear longer evening gowns. For those outside of court, the theme is short and sassy. Playful cheap cocktail dresses with unique features will be the trend to follow.

One dress by Sherri Hill combines tulle with sequined bodice. The tulle states fun, while the sequined bodice states sassy. Her theme continues through most of her homecoming dress designs this year. Another dress example is a colorful, almost tie-dye skirt print with another sequined bodice. Again, playful yet elegant is the statement.

For girls who are looking for dresses

Ways to Stretch Jeans

Has this every happened with you? Out of blue, maybe not out of the blue, but definitely unexpectedly, your jeans are too tight and won’t even budge from your thighs. Or perhaps you just went through a growth spurt and the jeans don’t fit you lengthwise. Isn’t it frustrating when you learn you no longer fit into your favorite pair of jeans? Well, many a time, it’s neither growth spurt or slight weight gain responsible for your too-tight-to-wear jeans. If you have recently done laundry and those jeans were in them, chances are that the tight jeans is the creation of your dryer. They tend to shrink in the dryer during tumbling and might pose as an issue while trying them on next. So… what now? You certainly can’t throw them in the garbage, or use them for something other than wearing them. How about we help you stretch them out properly. Does that grab your attention? I thought so. Keep reading to find out how.

How to Stretch Jeans that Have Shrunk

There isn’t just one but two ways you can try to stretch those jeans. The first method can be used when you know you’ve gained a little

The Guide Ways to Fray Jeans

Frayed jeans with raveled threads at the edges is a must if you are looking for a rugged look. It never goes out of fashion and be sported on many informal, casual events. If you are planning to fray your jeans for the first time, it is advisable to use an old pair. Later on, once you perfect the procedure, you can have you new denim frayed. Fraying is commonly done at the end or at the knees of the jeans. If you want an altogether new look, you can cut your jeans, convert it into shorts, and then have it frayed.

Things Required to Fray Jeans

  • Jeans
  • Scissors
  • Wire brush
  • Nail filer/needle/paper knife
  • Scale and tailor’s chalk
  • Sandpaper

Step-by-step Instructions

  • Wash and iron the jeans before you begin to work on it. This will help you in determining the length. New ones will probably shrink after washing.
  • It is advisable to wear the jeans and then mark, otherwise, the length may vary. Once you decide the length of the desired fray, make a mark with tailor’s chalk on it.
  • Place the jeans on a flat surface, and using the scale, draw a straight line so that you can have an even cut.
  • You

Ways To Be Stylish On A Budget

With the credit crunch upon us, the female dilemma is how to stay fashionable on a budget. You can do so by trying out some fashion tips that let you show your fashion sense but also keeps you within a budget. Believe it or not, to be fashionable, you need not spend a fortune; you can be fashionable even within a limited budget.

The cheapest way to look fashionable is to wear matching accessories with your outfits to give an instant different look. Accessories like earrings, beaded necklaces and bracelets are easily available at cheap prices. Buy accessories that can go with multiple colour dresses.

Get fashion magazines see what’s in fashion now. Make a list of the details in the original and then go to regular shops (not brands) and pick some clothes that match your finds. But first check what you already have in your wardrobe. Make sure that you can wear every item on that list with at least 3 other garments in your wardrobe to achieve new looks. This will ensure maximum price per wear for every item you buy.

When you enter a shop, look around. Identify your budget and

Ways to Remove Paint from Clothes

Most of us have experienced a mishap which has ended with paint on our clothes. However, there are those who seem to attract disaster every now and then. Personally, I always seem to find a freshly painted surface to brush against, or a stray tube of paint to sit on. If you have school going kids, you surely have to deal with this problem. Before you think of discarding the item, there are a few methods that you can try for removing paint from clothes. Your success is likely to depend on the size of the stain, the amount of time that has elapsed since the spill, and the type of paint.

Removing Latex Paint from Clothing

You Will Require

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Old cloth or rag


  • Start by spraying the paint stain with the rubbing alcohol.
  • Take a rag (or old cloth) and rub the area with the paint. Slowly, little by little, the paint will start coming off.
  • Continue to do this, dousing the area with rubbing alcohol every now and then, to assist the process along.
  • Once all the paint is out, wash and dry the garment.
  • If a faint stain remains, you can try the process again.

Finding Cheap and Comfortable Leggings

The garment you wear in your everyday life has a long history. Do you know that leggings formerly were available for each leg? Though there is a common belief that leggings are for women but that is not the fact. These skin tight garments available for both men and women. Soldiers in the 19th century used to wear leggings as part of their uniform. Modern types for women come with varieties in color and prints that are suitable to wear with different kinds of tops.

These are not pants

One should always remember that leggings are not pants. This is the basic thing that is to be remembered while you choose a legging. A legging is available for all kind of body types. You need to know your body type. You also need to choose the right size, and need to know where to buy cheap leggings online. They should neither be too loose or too tight. If you want a skin fit, buy it. Normal leggings bought a size smaller might give the tight fitting but won’t look good. It is not as wearing a pant and top. You need